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What I’m Reading #19: Resurrection Men March 20, 2010

This has been a particularly prolific reading week for me.  I attribute this to the first three movements of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which I sat through while waiting to sing during the fourth movement.  Hopefully my surreptitious reading wasn’t TOO obvious to the audience.  🙂


Resurrection Men by T.K. Welsh

Dutton Juvenile, 2007

Courtesy of

London, 1830s. Twelve-year-old Victor, an orphan, knows that life is dangerous, and death by disease or accident is common. But to Mr. Tipple and Mr. Biggs, these are streets teeming with possibility, where a child, once dead, is a commodity, and a “fresh subject” can fetch as much as nine guineas. In this dark underworld, Victor must uncover the identity of the ghoulish murderer who is at the heart of London’s furtive trade in human corpses.

T. K. Welsh, author of The Unresolved, spins an intricate and chilling story of greed, malevolence, and redemption based on the body-snatcher trials of 1831.


First off, I love the cover.  VERY striking.  Also listed as author: J.G. Sandom.

Strengths: Welsh’s tale is a unique blend of Oliver Twist and Jack the Ripper.  Very Dickensian in many ways, but still very accessible to younger readers (more MATURE younger readers, however).  I was really intrigued by the subject matter; I didn’t know much about the body-snatcher trials.  It’s a page-turner.  It hits the ground running from the very beginning and the momentum is consistent.

Potential Flaws: The parallels between Victor’s experiences and those of Oliver Twist are perhaps a little too heavily drawn.  Readers looking for a unique read may find it a little predictable.

My Rating:

A very good read.  Highly recommended, especially for lovers of Dickens.


One Response to “What I’m Reading #19: Resurrection Men”

  1. cockerhill Says:

    I’ll have a look at this; I’m interested in local history; the ressurectionists were at work in the graveyard opposite where I live. Interesting stuff.

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